We are Marianna and Sofia Erotokritou

Speaking, fluent Chinese, studying for an MBA in one of the best Universities in China, appearing on Chinese TV shows, hosting events in Chinese and representing our country in various events was something that we couldn’t imagine a few years before!


After graduating high school, we decided to follow a somewhat more difficult and unknown path for furthering our education, than our fellow students. With the encouragement of our father, we chose to study in China and particularly in the Chinese language. In September 2013, we arrived in China for a one year intensive language course at Nanjing Norma University in south China. Despite initial difficulties and challenges, related mainly with language limitations, very quickly we adapted to local conditions, culture and the Chinese way of life.

In  2014 we moved to Beijing where we joined the University of International Business and Economics, majoring in Economics and Intentional Trade, from where we graduated in 2018, with distinction. We are currently finishing our MBA degree from the same University from where we expect to graduate in June 2020 .
Our  studies were merely the end of the beginning..

What we do

Promoting Greece & Cyprus in China

Initially, we begun by uploading videos, along with live streaming from Greece in Mandarin, focusing on popular tourist spots, the traditional food we sampled, and the experiences we had. To our surprise, we started receiving  hundreds of positive comments and requests online, especially from young people in China and so we decided to do more videos to promote our country. Following regular live streaming from Greece and China in the popular Netease.com platform, we never envisioned that in such a short time we would secure a warm and friendly audience that was eagerly anticipating to see our videos and live streamings and get to know everyday Greek life from the local point of view. Videos such as making a Greek coffee or preparing Greek pies in a Monastiraki bakery became very popular. Additionally, we were surprised to see the reception of a live streaming  we did concerning the way local Chinese school students spent Chinese New Year in Athens, which reached 1.2 million viewers. Our videos on popular Greek islands such as Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Hydra, have also been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans and continue to be popular and go viral on various social media and other platforms.
Through our videos we also have the opportunity to teach Chinese people basic Greek language knowledge. This is achieved through videos uploaded on the internet,  receiving thousands of views, gracing us with more than 2000 grateful students who participate in our lessons, free of charge.


Municipality of Palaio Faliro : Women Entrepreneurship Award for 2019 : "As Greek Ambassadors for their contribution in promoting cultural ties between Greece and China"


University of International Business & Economics , Certificate of Award : "Oustanding students in the International Degree Programs among 2018 students"


Special Award by the President of Cyprus for " outstanding achievement for the promotion of Hellenism in China " 


Special award by UIBE as " Stars for the  Promotion of the University in the Chinese Social Media "

Honoured by:

Honoured by:

Our projects

Influencers in China

Through our social  media activities and the recognition we have in China, Greek TV presenters named us as the Greek Amabassdors of Tourism and Culture in China




TV Interviews




Press articles


Short Videos (Douyin)

Our Work portfolio


Netease live streamings

Promoting Grece & Cyprus with weekly livestreaming, covering cultural events and interesting stories with 500.000-1.000.000 views

Beijing-Qian Men touristic place promotion video

A co-operation with CRI-China Radio International for the promotion of the Beijing touristic spot

Online Show "The other side of the world"

Co-presenters in a weekend show talking about the hot matters of the week and intoducing the Greek/ European culture (An online production of Netease.com)

Official promotion video for Cyprus in Chinese

In cooperation with Cyprus Tourism Organization for the creation of Cyprus offical video in Chinese language

CCTV 1-KiaJiangla talk show

Guest speakers in one of the most famous shows in China with millions of viewers, speaking about the young Greeks lifestyle

Beijing TV-Incredible you tv show

Guest speaker in a daily TV show that promote successful women, the theme of the show was women travellers

Offline Events

Presidential Gala-Donation Dinner

In cooperation with The Chinese Embassy in Cyprus and The Cyprus Chinese Investors Association

Hostesses of the event, at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia

China Festival Cyprus

In cooperation with The Chinese Embassy in Cyprus and The Cyprus Chinese Investors Association

Hostesses of the event in Limassol

Investment Forums about Greece

At the invitation of various Chinese companies throughout China

Main speakers

Chinese Bridge Competition

In cooperation with UIBE

Hostesses of the event

Chinese Poetry Competition

In cooperation with UIBE

Hostesses of the event

Greek-China Xinjiang Cultural year opening ceremony

In cooperation with a local cultural assocciation Honorary guests from Greece for the opening ceremony

International Cultural Festival

In cooperation with UIBE

Representatives from Greece

Youth Speak-Tourism destination competition

In cooperation with UIBE

Representatives from Greece (First award - Santorini)

Greece-China film documentary (under production)

In cooperation with the Chinese Film Director Wang Shen

Main roles

Colourful World Exhibition

One Belt One Road theme

In cooperation with the Greek Embassy, Beijing

Introducing Greek Culture

Mojiang International Twins Festival

In cooperation with the Local Government

Honorary Guests - Famous Twins Represent Greece & Cyprus

LPS-Tourism Exhibition in Beijing

In cooperation with The Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Cyprus Embassy in Beijing

Promoting Cyprus as a luxury Tourist Destination

Press Articles & interviews

China Daily (EN)

Article about our Live Streaming achievements

China Daily (CH)

Article about our Graduation from UIBE, The event covered with a livestreaming from China daily

UIBE News Paper

An article about our story in China

Limassol News Paper

Article about our work promoting Cyprus in China

Limassol News paper

Article about our attendance in Mojiang Twins Festival representing Cyprus

Greek Embassy in Beijing

An online article about our promotion of Greece in China


TV Interviews

Alpha Pantou


(August 2019)

Alpha Pantou


(July 2019)

Savvatokyriako me to Manesi

Nikos Manesis

(March 2019)

Happy Day Alpha TV

Stamatina Tsimtsili

(March 2019)

Alpha Cyprus TV News

Olga Constantinou

(August 2018)


Viki Chantzi - Petros Karsiotis

(August 2018)

Epitelous SK

Natalia Germanou

(February 2018)

Savvatokyriako me to Manesi

Nikos Manesis

(December 2017)

Alpha News

Viki Chantzi

(November 2017)

Pame Alios Ert1


(November 2017)

Pame Alios Ert1


(February 2017)

Ert1 Evening News


(February 2017)


Our studies

Educational Background


September 2018 - June 2020

University of International Business and Economics (Beijing China)

International Trade and Economics

September 2014 - June 2018

University of International Business and Economics (Beijing China)

Business Chinese

September 2013 - June 2014

Nanjing Normal University

languages spoken: Greek (native), Chinese (HSK6), English (Profisiency - IELTS), French (A2)

Sample of our videos

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